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eNotarization is official
in Pennsylvania now.

The residents of Pennsylvania now can take advantage of Remote Online Notarization (RON). The signers and notaries have legal permission to leverage every benefit related to digital notarization services.

The authorization to use the online notarization service has been effective from October 29th, 2020 and it has become possible due to the signing of Act 97. The people of Pennsylvania can save time and request document notarization using a virtual notary service provider.

Getting notarization services at your fingertip has become possible with an audio-video-driven technology-based Remote Online Notary platform. RON allows people to find licensed notaries and request a call to proceed further for verification and digital notarization. The flexibility in terms of producing official papers to get the digital signatures while at the same time having online verification is saving a lot of time of both signers and notaries.


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The Most Common Documents That Pennsylvania
Signers Can Notarize Are


Power of


Passport Parental




Deed of Trust


Unclaimed Property


for Duplicate


Affidavit of Forgery


Consent for


Grant Deed


Bill of Sale


Temporary Guardianship Agreement

eNotary On Call: Sign-Up for Virtual Notary Services

eNotary On Call saves you from taking breaks from work to take important documents with you for notarization. It’s an advanced platform that is allowing signers to utilize RON services without making much effort, as everything can be conveniently done from a remote location.

A user-friendly dashboard allows users to update their profile quickly, and upload documents in a minute. There is an easy sign-up process and call to connect with the notaries upgraded feature.

It’s time to get all your official documents digitally signed!


Remote Online Notarization helps you to

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your Time
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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will document notarization take using the eNotary On Call platform?

It takes only 15-minutes to get your documents notarized.

Are there any additional or hidden charges involved when using RON services?

No, there are no additional costs involved in RON. The prices are according to the requested services and government regulations.

How can I access RON?

To leverage the benefits of Remote Online Notarization, you can choose our eNotary On Call solution. The platform follows a step-by-step procedure for users' ease and quick digital notarization.

Is my Identity and official documents safe using eNotary On Call?

Absolutely!  You can be assured of your identity, and official documents safety when it comes to our eNotary On Call solution. It has been developed using advanced shielded technology focused on the users' safety and data security.

Can I use eNotary On Call on my tablet?

Yes, every type of device supports eNotary On Call. The solution is compatible with Android and iOS operating systems.


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