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Good news for Louisiana signers. It is because, with the enactment of House Bill 274, in February 2022, Remote Online Notarization(RON) services are now legal in Louisiana. This remarkable legislation will help Louisiana residents validate their documents via remote online notary services from any part of the world at any time.

Signers can get their documents notarized through a public notary who is commissioned to practice online notarization and must possess a valid state-licensed notary certificate. Prior to notarizing documents online, Louisiana state requires public notaries to hold a traditional notary public commission, complete a training course, and register with the Secretary Of State. In addition, Signers must also meet certain requirements, such as passing the KBA (Knowledge-based authentication) and ID verification, to initiate the Notarization process.


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Following are the types of documents that can be
notarized in Louisiana


Power of


Passport Parental




Deed of Trust


Unclaimed Property


for Duplicate


Affidavit of Forgery


Consent for


Grant Deed


Bill of Sale


Temporary Guardianship Agreement

How does Remote Online Notarization work in Louisiana?

Louisiana Remote Online Notarization involves a number of steps that signers must complete, including verifying their identities, uploading ID documents, and connecting with the notary to notarize the documents. For notarization, signers and notaries can appear via the RON platform's audio-video conference, but they can all be in different places. RON makes notarization faster, safer, and easier than traditional in-person notarization.

If you are looking for Remote Online Notarization services in Louisiana, eNotary On Call can support you with fast and secure virtual notary services.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Will an online Louisiana notarization of a document be accepted by other states?

Yes. Louisiana's online notarial actions will typically be accepted by other states, even those that have not yet enacted RON legislation.

Do signers need to be physically present in Louisiana for online notary services?

It is not necessary for the signers to be physically present in the respective state. However, the notary must be physically located within the state boundaries.

What are the fees for Louisiana online notarization?

At eNotary On Call, notarization fees in Louisiana begin at a very reasonable price.

Can a document's signer add additional co-signers?

Yes, signers can add multiple co-signers, and the co-signers need not be present at the same location as the signer.


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