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Notaries who are licensed to perform online notarization, are allowed to perform Remote Online Notarization in Kansas. People looking for a document notary need not hassle all around.

By using your smartphone or any other device, you can get your document notarized anywhere, anytime. Physical presence during the notarization process have been wasting time and patience until virtual notarization arrived. Experience the full power of Kansas online notary services where you, the signer and the notary don't physically meet, but have a secure audio-video connection.

Senate Bill 106 was signed into law by Governor Laura Kelly and came into effect on the 1st of January, 2022. Remote Online Notarization authorizes individuals, financial institutions and other businesses to interact with a notary remotely. This whole video conference is recorded in real-time, including the ID verification and the signing of the documents. It is done for future reference and for the integrity of the RON session. The Remote Online Notarization in Kansas is 100% digital.

People can now experience the best and affordable service of RON in Kansas at eNotary On Call.


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The Most Common Documents That Kansas Signers
Can Notarize Are


Power of


Passport Parental




Deed of Trust


Unclaimed Property


for Duplicate


Affidavit of Forgery


Consent for


Grant Deed


Bill of Sale


Temporary Guardianship Agreement

Get Your Documents
Notarized Online In Kansas Now!

Kansas has adopted virtual notarization technology to offer effortless, secured and smooth services.

eNotary On Call distinguishes itself from other remote online notary service providers by offering the highest possible level of document security, allows multiple signers from different locations and emphasis on security with SSL encryption. Above all, it is the most affordable Remote Online Notarization platform.

Notarization is just a click away with eNotary On Call!


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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Kansas allow Remote Online Notarization?

Yes. The Senate Bill 106 has allowed Remote Online Notarization in Kansas and this became official in January 2022.

How much does the notary charge in Kansas for virtual Notarization?

Remote Online Notarization in Kansas is incredibly economical with eNotary On Call. Our individual plan starts at just $25 per Notarization. Contact us if you're interested in a Kansas online notary bulk plan for your company.

Is RON safe when compared with physical notarization?

RON is extremely safe and secure when compared to physical notarization. Digital signatures and zero paperwork promises everyone a safe and secure RON experience.

I am from Kansas but I am not in Kansas now. Can I still get RON services?

Ofcourse! You can be anywhere. You may or may not be in Kansas. With a good internet connection, you can get your documents notarized easily.

Does eNotary On Call have Kansas-based notaries?

Yes, we have Kansas-based notaries on our electronic notarization platform.

How will documents be exchanged if everything is done online?

The documents to be notarized are digitally notarized and a soft copy is exchanged over the internet so that every party will have an original notarized document. Your satisfaction and safety are ensured by the procedure.

What are the accepted payment channels for RON services?

eNotary On Call accepts all major credit cards and other digital payment options. So don't worry; you can pay in whichever way you are comfortable paying at our eNotary On Call platform.

What Are the Requirements for a Kansas Remote Online Notarization Session?
  1. Assemble all of your necessary documents and proof of identity.
  2. Get settled in a space that is uninterrupted and quiet.
  3. Prepare your technical requirements, such as a desktop, laptop or tablet with a strong and consistent Internet connection. Additionally you require a decent camera, better speakers and a microphone.
  4. Ensure quick Internet access.
  5. Flexible payment options for your online notarization.
At what time can I use the RON service at eNotary On Call?

We accept bookings 24*7 every day. Our platform is open round the clock to ensure efficient and effective RON services for you.


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