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eNotarization is official in Kentucky now.

Online notary services have started in Kentucky. Remote Online Notarization in Kentucky is legally valid. Instantly notarize your papers!

With the help of an audio-visual platform, remote online notary services are offered to people in and around Kentucky. Signers can now easily communicate with a listed remote online notary service provider.

All thanks to Senate Bill 114, which was signed and released as a responsive action during the COVID pandemic. This, in turn, evolved into a Remote Online Notarization law, which was enacted as a permanent applicable law in January 2020. As a result, customers looking to close deals by notarizing their documents need not look for physical notarization services near them. Zero paperwork, no stress!

Documents are digitally signed, notarized and exchanged among the notary parties. eNotary On Call is a fantastic Remote Online Notarization platform that makes life easier for people looking for the best and most authentic document notarization service.

People living in and around Kentucky can now enjoy premier-grade electronic notarization services through the eNotary On Call platform.


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The Most Common Documents That Kentucky Signers
Can Notarize Are


Power of






Deed of Trust


Unclaimed Property


for Duplicate


Affidavit of Forgery


Consent for


Grant Deed


Bill of Sale


Temporary Guardianship Agreement

Experience High-Quality Remote Online Notarization Services in Kentucky!

Removing the problems and insecurities of physical notarization, the world started enjoying the easy-breezy remote online notary services. eNotary On Call offers modestly priced and transcendent online notarization services.

With advanced tools, pioneering services and reliable platforms, notaries are easily signing up and offering remote online notary services to people located anywhere, at any time! You can be anywhere and still receive excellent Remote Online Notarization services from remote notary service providers in Kentucky right away with eNotary On Call!


Remote Online Notarization helps you to

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Become a Remote Online Notary in Kentucky

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will other states recognize a document notarized online in

Yes. A Kentucky RON act is generally recognized by other states, including those that haven't yet adopted RON laws.

Do Kentucky Remote Online Notarization providers require signers to be physically present in Kentucky?

Document signers are not required to be physically present in Kentucky at the time of notarization. However, Kentucky remote notary services must be performed by a Kentucky notary who is physically present in the state.

Is RON safe?

RON is safer than traditional physical notarization. Digital notarization removes the fear of document tampering or destruction. Enjoy Government-authorized RON service through eNotary On Call right away!

In Kentucky, who is authorized to notarize documents?

A legal official of the Public-Extraordinary Commission should be eighteen (18) years old. In addition to being a Kentucky resident, the candidate should be a resident of the region from which he/she applies, of good character and capable of discharging obligations imposed by law.

What are the timings for booking the RON service?
A RON service can be scheduled at any time. No time restrictions! Contact us anytime.

What are the acceptable devices for online notary service?

Any device that has an OS and internet connection can be used to perform Remote Online Notarization in Kentucky. With a good camera and speakers, the virtual notarization service can be used on smartphones, laptops and desktops.

How are the documents signed digitally?

The papers are signed using digital signatures. A copy of the document is exchanged over the platform and signed live when every party is present.

What payment methods are accepted?

We have a flexible payment system because customer satisfaction is our top priority. You will experience a simple and easy payment channel for Remote Online Notarization in Kentucky at eNotary On Call!


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