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Key Benefits

  • $0 Registration to join eNotary On Call
  • Same-Day Onboarding
  • Multi-factor Authentication Process
  • Knowledge-Based Authentication (KBA)
  • Complete Signer-Notary session recording
  • Easily notarize multiple documents in one session
  • Real-time visual ID verification
  • End-to-end encrypted online notarization platform

Notary & Customer View

Best-in-Class Remote Online Notary When You Need It Most

Our sole objective is to create an unforgettable experience for our customers through an online notary service available round the clock. eNotary On Call aims at making the notarization process more affordable and accessible to everyone.

Notary & Customer View

1. How do I become an online notary on eNotary On Call?

The process consists of 4 simple steps. Register with us and fill out an application with all the details including licenses and legal documents. You will receive a confirmation email once your account is verified. This process does not take more than 15 minutes. Once your account is verified, you can update your profile with the necessary details and start accepting customer requests as notified.

A notary whose profile is verified and active on the platform can notarize all types of documents, permitted by the state for online notarization, as every state has different laws. A notary does not need any special equipment or a new system to notarize documents on eNotary On Call. It is the same procedure and involves document signing digitally instead of in-person meetings.

Absolutely. eNotary On Call is convenient and easier for both notaries as well as customers. You can invite all your clients via email or curated links directly to the platform. Once you have sent an invitation, the client must accept the invitation as soon as possible before the link expires.

The cost of Remote Online Notarization for a single document is defined by the State. Payments can be made through a secure payment gateway which offers multiple options such as Net banking, Credit or Debit cards and UPIs. The platform collects all payments from the signers before sharing the signed documents directly via email to avoid identity theft or any other fraud.

eNotary On Call is integrated with secure signing and an ID analysis feature, that confirms the identity of both the signer and the co-signer. The process consists of two steps, of which, firstly, the notary confirms the signer’s identity and secondly, gathers proof of the official Government ID. The signer sends these details and documents through a secure and encrypted network, which is saved with the notary in the audit trail. Such a multi-faceted analysis prevents the participants from any kind of identity theft or fraud.

You don’t need any specific equipment or a high-end system to perform notarization. All the activities can be carried out via your local system with a reliable internet connection.

Online : notarization, except for the fact that, here the notary chooses their client. The online notarization session begins with the notary starting the meeting to verify the customer’s identity.
The customer would have uploaded the documents for notarization already before the notary joins. Once the notary starts the meeting and verifies the identity, the signer fills in the required information and signs the document electronically. The signer is given the option to either sign digitally with an eSignature pad or upload an image of their signature. Once the notarization is complete the customer pays the fees and the documents are sent via email. The entire conversation and the documents are saved in the audit trail on secure cloud storage.

eNotary On Call is hosted on a secure and encrypted cloud server which ensures all the information shared is voluntary. The platform stores all the interactions and meetings on the cloud in an audit trail. Every session happens in an end-to-end encrypted secure virtual environment. All the confidential information that the platform does not require is automatically deleted.

There is no limit.

You can contact the support team via (support email) and get your identity verified. Please email via the ID you had signed up with for better retention.

Beginning with paperless operations, customers prefer online notarization which is carried out from the comfort of their home reducing carbon production, travel time, wait time, and power consumption that would have been utilized urgently for a cross-city trip to get to an authorized notary.

eNotary On Call’s online and paperless operations make notarizing documents easier and faster than ever. It’s a free platform with no signup charges for customers and notaries to connect with each other across the state to do business. The signup time is also less than 15 minutes. More importantly, with operations being online, all one needs is a verified ID, a reliable internet connection, and a laptop or computer.

  • Access to a desktop/laptop and webcam with audio
  • A browser that can access the website
  • Reliable internet connection

For better results, avoid operating from a dull room and choose a place where you can hear the customers properly.


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