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eNotarization is official in Florida now.

People can perform a Remote Online Notarization in Florida. In Florida, there is no need to waste time and resources looking for physical document notaries. Seamless, secure and convenient online notarization experiences are offered by eNotary On Call!

House Bill 409, signed by Ron DeSantis, became a law that allowed Remote Online Notarization in the state of Florida. Beginning on January 1st, 2020, this law becomes operative. Advanced audio and visual video conferencing are aiding in delivering top-notch electronic notarization services to customers.

Customers can now get notarization services 24*7 all year long! eNotary On Call allows multiple signers from different locations to notarize documents securely and instantly. It provides the most affordable Remote Online Notary service for individuals as well as businesses for easy document notarization and deal closing.


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The Most Common Documents for Remote Online
Notarization in Florida Are


Power of Attorney


Passport Parental Consent


Quitclaim Deed


Deed of Trust


Unclaimed Property Form


Application for Duplicate Title


Affidavit of Forgery


Parental Consent for Travel


Grant Deed


Bill of Sale


Temporary Guardianship Agreement

Get Your Documents Notarized Online in Florida Now!

Our high-quality architecture and advanced technology allows eNotary On Call to provide 24*7 remote notary services to customers from anywhere, anytime.

A seamless electronic notarization service is guaranteed by eNotary On Call's audio and visual conferencing platform. So, don’t waste time and money waiting in long lines around notaries. Get notary services online from remote notaries based in Florida through eNotary On Call today!


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Frequently Asked Questions

Is RON legal in Florida?

Yes. Florida has allowed notarization since January 2020.

What Can an Online Notary in Florida Charge?

Remote Online Notarization in Florida is very economical with eNotary On Call. Our individual plan starts at just $14.95 per Notarization. Reach out to us for a Florida notarization bulk plan for your business.

Should I Be in Florida to Get RON Services in Florida?

Not at all! You can be anywhere. You can arrange to get notary services online at any time from the notaries based in Florida. Wherever you are, just log on to the eNotary On Call platform and book the Remote Online Notarization service.

Will other states accept a document that I notarized in Florida?

Any document that is notarized in Florida, whether in person or online, will be recognized as being valid in all 50 states. The document will be recognized as notarized as long as it was done in accordance with all applicable local notarization or RON laws.

Will I be required to provide my SSN?

Yes, only the last four digits.

Is online notarization restricted to U.S. citizens?

As a citizen or lawful resident of the U.S., you must have a valid SSN and have three to five years of credit history in the country. There is no acceptance of any other form of identification besides those issued by U.S. states.


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