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eNotarization is official in Alaska now.

The service of Remote Online Notarization in Alaska is now live and officially authorized in the state! Stop searching for a documentary notary near you! Start skipping the queues with online notarization!

Customers and notaries can complete Remote Online Notarization through an advanced platform where total security, safety and satisfaction are always guaranteed. In addition, virtual notarization does not require physical presence.

30th April of 2020 is a significant date as the governor has signed prominent House Bill 124. As a result, Alaskan Notaries are now authorized to commission virtual notarization services permanently. It has officially opened the door for Alaskan notaries to offer remote notary services.

The audio-visual conference connects the signer with the virtual notary. Digital signing through e-signatures and the complete notarization process are carried out digitally by a remote online Notary.


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The Most Common Documents for Remote Online
Notarization in Alaska Are


Power of Attorney


Passport Parental Consent


Quitclaim Deed


Deed of Trust


Unclaimed Property Form


Application for Duplicate Title


Affidavit of Forgery


Parental Consent for Travel


Grant Deed


Bill of Sale


Temporary Guardianship Agreement

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You can now be anywhere and get Remote Electronic Notarization services from notary service providers based in Alaska!

eNotary On Call is bringing advanced tools, effective management and an expert team to craft the happiest Virtual Notarization experiences for every customer. With a premier quality audio-visual platform, notaries offer successful Remote Online Notarization in Alaska services to customers based anywhere, at any time!


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Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Timings for Getting the Service?

No timings! With eNotary On Call's Remote Online Notarization service, you can get document notarization service 24/7/365!

Should Parties Be Present for Remote Online Notarization?

No more "physical presence" headaches! You can enjoy virtual notarization services from anywhere, anytime and any day.

Is Remote Notarization Safe?

Electronic notarization has safety and security protocols that traditional notarization never had in the first place. No one can tamper with the notarized document thanks to the digital process and resultant digital copy.

Is There Any Valid Proof of Notarization for Remote Online Notarization in Alaska?

Through the conferencing platform, the entire notarization is recorded and the recording is stored for 7 years for safety and authentication.

In How Many Days Will My Documents Be Notarized?

Within a few hours, your documents will be notarized. Contact eNotary On Call now for assistance!

Are Card Payments Accepted for the Service?

Yes! Payment can be made even with a credit card. Relax,eNotary On Call has flexible payment options for your ultimate convenience.

How Much Does Remote Online Notarization Cost in Alaska?

We provide a reasonably priced online notarization service. Take a look at our pricing page.


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