What’s Next with  eNotary On Call?

A reliable platform for seamless document notarization

eNotary On Call platform is designed and continually upgraded with features to make the notarization process quick and secure. A flexible and user-friendly solution that enforces multiple security checkpoints.


Language won’t be a barrier with the eNotary platform.
No worries if you are not fluent in English. Our platform is multilingual making it easy for both signers and notaries to understand & connect.

Remote Access

Flexibility to do notarization from anywhere
For notaries, we ease their way out by providing the convenience of joining from anywhere in the States. Keep your laptop or desktop ready to access the platform for signing documents.


Get your Witness
The convenience of adding signers and witnesses on call during the notarization process gives you another reason to switch to the virtual notary. During the call, add them and get documents authorized in a few minutes.

No Hidden Fees

Cost transparency makes the platform reliable
The eNotary On Call adheres to government rules and policies. There is no additional charges or penalty amount for signers in case they do not join or are unavailable after scheduling a call.


Do not worry about new documents upload
eNotary On Call lets signers upload new documents while being on a call with the official notary. It is easy to add and get it signed in a few minutes.


Flexibility to Bypass KBA Verification
The platform is designed with integrated features such as Biometric ID Verification, captcha & OTP. This ensures security and prevents identity theft throughout the notarization process.

Exceptional Services We Offer


Electronic Signature Pad

The integration of high-end technology on the eNotary On Call platform is making the digital signature an easy process for both signers and customers.

  • Send the link
  • Upload an Image
  • Verify the document

Real-time Screen Share

Enjoy screen sharing convenience with eNotary On Call.

  • Multi-window screen-sharing capabilities
  • Accessible through your web browser

Complete Host Control

The Notary has complete control over the meeting, allowing them to

  • Remove participants
  • Capture images and documents
  • Track Geo-location and IP address

Video Calls & Recordings

Record keeping ensures trust and reliability in the digital notarization process. This takes place on the encrypted channel to save the data from sharing across the network. eNotary On Call use secure cloud storage - AWS, Azure and Google Cloud

  • HD Audio and Video
  • End-to-End Encryption
  • Meeting View, Speaker View, and Selected View


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