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Why eNotary On Call?

  • Seamless & secure Notarization process through Remote Online Notarization
  • Get your documents notarized instantly from anywhere & anytime


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Identity Verification

Real-time authentication using our online notarization service helps to prevent identity theft.

Create Account

Create an account with an email and phone number.

Upload ID Documents

Upload or capture your documents for identity verification.

Knowledge-Based Authentication

Prove your identity by answering a few easy questions.

Identity Verified

An intelligent AI-based API system will validate your identity.


Begin Notarization

Upload your documents and connect with an Online Notary of your choice.

Manage Documents

Add Multiple Co-Signers

Choose a Notary

Connect via Secure Video Call

Get Documents Notarized

After connecting with a Notary, sign the documents digitally.

Instant Signature

Use the digital signature pad from any device.

Notary Pad

Add name, signature, address, and Notary seal.

Instant Chat & File Sharing

Secure channel to share documents and messages.

Smart Verification

Get your documents digitally verified.

Download Documents

Pay a nominal fee and download your notarized documents.


eNotary On Call’s Unique Capabilities

Simplified Remote Online Notarization across any device.

Secure and Legal

SSL-enabled eNotary On Call has the highest standards of Privacy & Data Security.


Get your documents notarized from anywhere and anytime.

Face & Signature verification

A Notary can verify the user’s face and signature through the live ID capture.


Track your files, data, and messages saved on a secure cloud location for up to 7 years.

Easy Payment Options

Wide range of payment options such as Credit/Debit Card, Electronic Check, etc.


Verify the documents using the login ID and password.


Simplified Electronic Notarization across any device.


Introduce contactless banking services to your customers and accelerate document digitalization programs.


Connect directly with verified notaries across the state and get your legal documents notarized contactless such as Power of Attorney forms, contracts, agreements, and more.


Give your businesses access to Remote Online Notarization service despite the Notary and signer being unable to be in the same room at the same time.


Meet your buyer's demands with customized contactless signing experiences and close the deals remotely anytime.